We are BIM: IT Engineering


Start challenging the status quo and your transformation journey can start. Your staging areas and transit points are Operational Excellence, Marketing Excellence and Differentiation. 

Operational Excellence with Service Management.
Marketing Excellence with Customer Insights.
Differentiation with Predictive Analytics. 

BIM helps to transform technology based innovation into customer value. We are the engineering company for business transformation with IT solutions.

We are located in Zug, Switzerland and in Munich, Germany.

IT Solutions for Business


“Form follows function” and IT follows business. The impulses come from business and the business wants it "better", "different" or "better completely different". 

BIM developed a model which transforms technology based innovation into customer value: Operational Excellence for better performance, Marketing Excellence for a different customer engagement and Differentiation, better completely different, with IT based innovations. 

We use world class technology, proven engineering methods and reliable quality standards for guaranteed success. 

We advise in business, where the story begins, and we transform the story into reality with IT. 


Business Impluses

Where The Story Starts

The story begins always in business. Business dictates "we want more customers!" Or it rules "we want to cut cost!" Or business decides "we want to avoid risks!" A new success story is born. More...

Operational Excellence

Marketing Excellence


IT Innovations

Where Technology and Story Meet

Yes, IT is not everything but everything is nothing without IT. A success story is born when a good business story happily meets technology of the future. More...

Business Service Management

Machine Learning for Customer Insights

Predictive Analytics for Business