Digital Transformation

IT isn't everything but everything is nothing without IT. We understand by "Digital Transformation" the combination between Business Transformation (changes of market offer, organisation, processes and services) and Platform Transformation (changes of the IT platforms by using digital technologies). The goal is simply achieving sustainable competitive advantages. We consult, plan and develop on time, on target, on budget. 

BIM helps to drive your organization into the digital future.

A new breed of IT company

The connected ecosystem

As long as our world keeps bringing new challenges we need new concepts to meet them. In the age of the Digital Imperativ we said good-by for good to the old technology-centered siloed thinking and started something new.  

We developed a new system, an open and living ecosystem which connects all needed resources and competences for the transformation. Our customers get the benefit of the ecosystem‘s connected thinking and connected capabilities to serve their Digital Story. The outcome is simply The Entreprise of The Future. 


Business Transformation

Where The Story Starts

Here starts the Digital Story. Companies which fulfill the expectation of the modern consumer with digital products and services are the digital leaders. They put innovation on their flags, they meet the Digital Challenge and they win. These companies generate more revenue, generate better margins and have a greater market value. BIM helps. More...

Digital Transformation Products and Services

Digital Transformation Operations

Digital Transformation Marketing

IT Platform Transformation

Where Technology & Story Meet

The digital market offer must be efficiently produced and successfully sold. Here is where digital story and digital technologies meet. The digital transformation relies on digital processes and on digital services to develop, produce and sell anytime, everywhere on all channels. We help. More...

IT Tools for Digital Services: ITSM 

IT Tools for Digital Business Processes

IT Tools for Digital Marketing