Digitization: More value for money


BIM is the IT engineering company for reasonable digitization with IT solutions. Solutions? We provide three kinds of solutions: 

a) our solution makes money, 
b) our solution saves money, 
c) our solution avoids risks. 

Digital solutions from an IT engineering company means investment protection, quality work and world class technology. We provide world class technology, supplied with precision engineering and secured with investment protection: (i) delivery date guarantee, (ii) function guarantee and (iii) cost guarantee. 

We are located in Zug, Switzerland and in Munich, Germany.

Technology, Quality and Protection


Digital administrations, digital value added networks and  fundamentally the digital transformation are the targets for our solutions and delivery objects. 

Our transformation technologies are Predictive Monitoring, Digital Service Management and Business Process Management. Our engineering methods and quality standards are waterfall, agile, Hermes 5, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, Lean, CMMI, ISO 20000 and ITIL. 

We provide solutions in business, where the story starts and we provide solutions where story and technology meet. 

Business Transformation

Where The Story Starts

The story begins always in business. Business dictates "we want more customers!" Or it rules "we want to cut cost!" Or business decides "we want to avoid risks!" A new success story is born. More...

We want more customers

We want to cut cost

We want to avoid risks

IT Transformation

Where Technology and Story Meet

Yes, IT is not everything but everything is nothing without IT. A success story is born when a good business story happily meets technology of the future. More...

Digital Service Management

Business Infrastructure Monitoring

Machine Learning for Endpoint Security