We are a Swiss software and consulting company for process automation and digitization. Our mission is to help achieve excellence with digital innovations. 

Our digital technologies make the journey to excellence possible. Technologies are the tools to transform unparallelled ideas into profitable business reality. We use world class technlogies to develop singular business solutions: for Operational Excellence, for Marketing Excellence and for Healthcare Excellence.

We are located in Zug, Switzerland and in Munich, Germany.

We are big enough to matter and small enough to care.

In Search of Excellence


„What stays is the change; what changes stays" (Michael Richter, german historian). The change is no project. It doesn't have a start and an end. The change is permanent, it is a way of life. The change takes place on many levels. We focus just on three: people (organisation), technology and business model. 

Only an appropriate organisation makes first class performance possible. The organizational structures need to be tested and possibly adjusted for agility, efficiency and communicative skills. Lean Management and Change Management are our reliable transformation methods. The workflow structures need to get into continuous improvment, the processes need to be discovered and digitized. RPA is our toolset.

The digital transformation begins with the design of digital offerings. These need to be generated by agile methodes and brought to customers through digital channels. 

Only what changes survives.

Business Solutions

Where the Transformation Starts

The journey into the digital future starts with the development of digital solutions. After the goal is set, we implement the transformation with methods and with technology..... More...

Operational Excellence

Marketing Excellence

HealthCare Excellence

Digital Technologies

How the Transformation Happens

RPA, Machine Learning, Analytics: these are our transformation tools. Unique solutions are the result of business practice meeting digital technology... More...

Enterprise Service Management

Predictive Analytics

Robotic Process Automation