We are BIM: IT Engineering for Business Excellence


Continual Improvement Process is good, but... "The electric light did not come from the continual improvement of candles"​ (Prof. Oren Harari, contemporary of Thomas J. Peters, father of the legendary "In Search of Excellence"). Our mission is to help achieve excellence with technology based innovation. We are a Swiss software and consulting company for automation and digitization. There are 3 ways to excellence: 

  • Operational Excellence with ITSM 
  • Marketing Excellence with Splunk
  • Supply Chain Excellence with RPA

We turn technology based innovation into customer value and help achieve business excellence with IT solutions.
We are located in Zug, Switzerland and in Munich, Germany.

BIM? We are big enough to matter and small enough to care.

In Search of Excellence with IT Solutions


The design principle "form follows function" works here too: IT follows business. The innovation impulses always come from business. We advise in business, where the need arises. There the story is born. We help to write the script of change and turn the story into reality with IT solutions.. 

We developed a model which turns technology based innovation into customer value, "In Search Of Excellence", Operational Excellence, Marketing Excellence, Supply Chain Excellence: 

Saving money, making money, winning customers' satisfaction.

We guarantee the success with IT solutions. Built with world class technology, designed with solid engineering methods, implemented with reliable Swiss quality standards. 

Business Solutions look for…

Where The Story Starts

Need is the mother of invention and talent is its father. The story always begins in business: we want to save money, we want to make more money, we want greater customer satisfaction! We turn the story into reality with talent and with digital technology... More...

Operational Excellence with ITSM

Marketing Excellence with Splunk

Supply Chain Excellence with RPA

…Digital Technologies

Where Technology and Story Meet

"Who let his engineers work in the office instead at customer's didn't understand that customers today buy solutions, not products". New solutions are created only when the Business Story meets appropriate Technology. More...

Ivanti IT Service Management

Splunk Predictive Monitoring

Robotic Process Automation