BIM at a Glance

The history of a pioneer company

We are big enough to matter and small enough to care. 

BIM is the Software and Consulting Company for Automation and Digitization. We are a pioneer company, on the way to better solutions and to new applications using world class technology. We network with visionary customers, with quality centered manufacturers and with smart market players.

Natural curiosity is our characteristic and innovation is our second nature. We permanently enhance our value proposition, we redesign permanently our business model and set sometimes new rules of the game.

2018 Design and market introduction for the transformation program "In Search of Excellence".
2017 Introduction of Predictive Monitoring, Machine Learning, Interactive Visualization.
2016 Business Service Management. VBS, the Swiss Department of Defence decides to choose BIM.
2015 Operational Excellence becomes an interdisciplinary offering and a huge success on the marketplace.
2014 ADAM is born. LUKS, Lucerne Kantonsspital decides for BIM. Operational Excellence wins new customers.
2013 Kantonsspital St.Gallen, KSSG, selects BIM as strategic partner for Service Management and Innovation.
First order for Operational Excellence.
2012 Gartner Group discovers BIM. Business Process Management becomes part of the solutions portfolio.
2011 Introduction of Big Data Predictive Analytics for strategic solutions.
2010 In August BIM ist born, Business Infrastructure Management AG, the software and consulting company for Automation and Digitization.


Everything that can be digitized will get digitized

BIM: „We are big enough to matter and small enough to care“


Message of the day


You never walk alone


Chances, not simply jobs

A ship is most secure in harbor. But ships aren’t built to lie in harbor.

People who aren’t afraid to navigate in unchartered waters, who want to break new ground and aren’t afraid of mistakes are most welcome! BIM is made by special people and special people work for BIM. These chances wait for you at BIM: