ECONOMIESUISSE: "State and Competition. How to Create More Room for Private Initiative." ADAM is a solid answer.

The “Governmental Foot Print” grows creeping but steadily and is robbing private enterprises of the room for maneuver, stealing their leeway. Economiesuisse describes in its latest publication “State and Competition” methods and measures how to limit respectively to repeal the Governmental Foot Print.

ADAM® is BIM’s solid answer for the Swiss hospitals: how to win a leeway for private initiative worth Swiss Francs 8 Billion per year (see also at “ADAM – the Hospital for the Future”).

Economiesuisse lauches December 12th, 2014 with the Regulatory Compass a complex instrument to measure governmental market interventions and to quantify governmental activities. You can download here economiesuisse’s publication «State and Competition».

Brochure economiesuisse “Staat und Wettbewerb” (German)

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