Business Service Management, Predictive Monitoring, Robotic Process Automation

"Form Follows Function" and IT must follow business. We run re-engineering of older software platforms and we deliver engineering for new ideas leading to excellence. We turn business strategies into real customer value by using technology based innovation. 

We vouch for solution delivery on time, on target and on budget: Saving Money, Making Money, Winning the Game.


We guarantee Business Transformation with IT solutions 

Ivanti IT Service Management

Saving Money with Operational Excellence


All your competitors lose money. They use old-style ITSM technologies. Old-style ITSM technologies are all born equal, they are reactive: something needs to go wrong, before ITSM starts working.

Wouldn't it be nice to avoid trouble before it actually happens? We help you save money using predictive ITSM.




Predictive ITSM. The workflow engine is Ivanti Service Management combined with Splunk IT Service Intelligence. The service catalog will offer business services, provided from the cloud or from the own data center:

  1. Customer Engagement Services
  2. Customer Services
  3. HR Services
  4. Business Services
  5. Collaboration Services
  6. Project & Portfolio Services
  7. UCC Services
  8. Classic ITSM

The new ITSM generation is proactive, uses intelligent service bots and machine learning to enhance service quality and to cut operational cost. 




You save money with Operational Excellence powered by predictive ITSM. 

Your win: a great predictive ITSM solution for better service organizations with intuitive usage and with embedded ITIL processes, with best practice reports and KPIs to meet your service levels.


Splunk Predictive Monitoring

Making Money with Marketing Excellence


Your competitors lose money, reputation and customer satisfaction. They don't pay attention to marketing processes.

They use marketing processes running on different systems and in separated silos. Result: shortages, interruptions and break-downs are difficult to identify, to control and to fix just in time.

We help you make money by using real-time, predictive monitoring over all systems and all silos in order to provide a un-interruptible, customer oriented process landscape.

We provide you with customer patterns recognition by using predictive analytics.




Splunk Enterprise supplies insights on all kind of navigation, provides the data for decision making in enhancing customer systisfaction. Splunk Enterprise monitors transaction interruptions and payment discontinuities: from fraud to simple incorrect credit card inputs.

Splunk does not only monitor hardware, but also business services, processes and KPIs. Automated creation of white-listing rules for the application control: With the help of AI algorithms, data can be collected and processed over a certain period of time from all applications that are launched within an enterprise network.

Forensic detection of anomalies with the help of artificial intelligence: Pattern recognition with the aid of an AI algorithm is also a new option to significantly improve subsequent analysis and to detect specific security incidents. Afterwards, the system will be able to look for unusual patterns during the correlation of events, and to evaluate them. 




Start making money with Marketing Excellence. Your win: sustainable and better digital business leading to more revenue, more profit, better customer satisfaction and a great competition advantage.

Some side benefits: opportunity generation, churn reduction, CRM data unification, marketing excellence for multi-org environments.

Robotic Process Automation

Winning the Game with Supply Chain Excellence


Your competitors lose money because they mess with the supply chain. 

Supply Chain means not only the flow of goods from manufacturer, via retailer to the customer, but also the financial flow from the customer back into the value chain. The search of excellence is the search for substantial improvements, automation solutions for processes with RPA potential:

  • Rule-based and repetitive
  • Manual
  • High volume
  • Time-critical
  • Seasonal
  • Triggered by a digital input and supported by digital data
  • A low exception rate
  • Causing rework

Use cases: Inventory management, supply chain processes, distribution reporting, compliance and governance, reporting, receiving and shipping, POS/online sales integration, customer experience analytics, gift/loyalty/seasonal card activation, customer account management, web-based claims capture, claims processing and administration, claims recovery.




Win the game with RPA. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a funny, extremely cost effective, a fast and a non-invasive chance to digitize manual workflows. You don't need to change or to replace no software in your landscape. An RPA solution must feature these functions:

Attended Automation: Automation requiring human interaction.

Unattended Automation: Automation not requiring any human interaction.

Performs end-to-end: Automation on entire end-to-end processes.

Machine Learning: Advanced RPA robots utilise Machine Learning algorithms from the field of AI. Machine Learning allows the RPA robot to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly told what to do by the robot developer.

Analysing dataThe robots provide analytics and insights of their work or other processes to be improved.

Pattern recognitionThe robots are able to recognise patterns in large amounts of data using advanced algorithms.

History collectionThe automation reports on historic changes in processes and data handling for the customer to review.

Security: RPA software has its own database, including both metadata and actual data. It inherently deals with confidential business data including access rights to other IT systems 

Connectors: Advanced RPA come with predefined connectors to the market leading Business Suites such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.




Start winning the game with RPA powered Supply Chain.

RPA is like drinking coffee. You choose your flavor, you press the button and finished, you enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee according to your wish. RPA is simply the best!

RPA is easy to produce: concept to production in two weeks.

RPA has a nice price: implementing RPA does not require a large IT technology investment.

RPA is friendly: no major IT changes to existing systems are needed.

Your advantages: RPA reduces operational cost, RPA improves customer satisfaction, RPA improves workforce morale, develops low cost business processing capacity, RPA builds commanding competitive advantage.